A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Best Commercial Fencing Contractor

Having great fences in your property can bring many benefits. Aside from the monetary value it can add, it can also help beautify your home.But to truly maximize these benefits, you need to have your fences installed by the right people. Last time, we briefly mentioned a few tips that will help you find the best fencing services in Westchester. Below, you’ll learn how to do this more properly.

Steps to Find the Best Fencing Contractor

First, let’s talk about the steps needed to find the right fence provider for you. By learning these, you’ll be able to find a contractor that can meet all your expectations. So without further ado:

Do Your Research

Say you’ve followed our advice from the previous article and made a shortlist of the fencing contractors you’re considering. Before setting dates to interview them, you need to learn as much as you can about them.Some of the things you need to look for will be discussed in a bit. But at the very least, their hotlines should be manned by one of their people in case you call their office. The last thing you want is to interact with a generic chatbot. Additionally, fencing services in Westchester must also have a legitimate business address. That way, you can visit them personally should you wish to.Don’t hesitate to call the Better Business Bureau and other organizations to check the candidates on your list. Through their aid, you’ll be able to weed out the wrong contractor.

Ask the Right Questions

  • What fencing materials do they recommend (and why)?
  • What procedures do they use when repairing or replacing fences?
  • Do they usually keep spending within the estimated amount? Or do I need to prepare extra money just in case?
  • Can they finish a fencing project on time?
  • Do they provide any warranty for their works?

Be sure to ask these and other important questions when screening your candidate fence providers out. Aside from the information they’ll give, you’ll also be able to observe how they treat clients (thus, getting a glimpse of their work ethic).

Look for Red Flags

At the same time, you need to watch out for red flags when looking for fencing services in Westchester. Quality services don’t come cheap, so it’s best that you take the time to make sure you’re picking a legitimate contractor to have it installed. Tell-tale signs you’re dealing with a scammer include:

  • Requiring you to make an initial deposit
  • Pressuring you to make a quick decision
  • Refusing to give you a quote for their services

You need to be a smart consumer, especially in this day and age. By knowing which warnings to watch out for, no scammer will be able to dupe you into spending money on subpar fencing services. Find out more about these red flags below.

Discuss Planning

Once you’ve weeded out the scammers and subpar contractors and picked the best one for your fencing project, you can proceed with the planning phase. The following steps and questions will help you come up with the best fencing project plan for your home.

  1. Assess how much you’re going to spend for the fencing materials and labor. Do you want to use different types of fencing?
  2. Determine the areas where you’ll have the fence installed. Will it cover the entire land surrounding your property? Or do you just want to fence a portion of it?
  3. Look for inspiration at home magazines or other properties. Will the fences you’ll install complement your neighborhood?

Discuss these with the fencing provider you pick, so they can have a clear idea of what you want in your fencing project. And don’t be shy about asking them for design ideas and help.

Establish a Timeline

As you plan your fencing project, you need to establish a definitive timeline. That way, work can be done without delay and the project can be finished on a schedule you set.

To better ensure the project stays faithful to the timeline you established, you need to stay in touch with the person overseeing it. That way, any issues and questions will be dealt with should they come. Plus, the contact person helps disseminate large jobs to the right people.

Request for Guarantees

Most legitimate fencing services in Westchester provide guarantees for their work. So if they failed to mention it during the planning phase, best ask your chosen contractor about it.
Additionally, some of the fencing materials usually come with some form of warranty. For example, certain automatic gate makers offer extended warranties that can last up to 7 years. Best discuss this with your chosen fencing provider as well if you want to learn the benefits you could enjoy from these warranties.

Settle Payment

As soon as everything is settled, time to discuss payment with your chosen contractor. Ask if they offer payment options aside from cash. Also, you should ask if they accept payment in installments.

Things You Need to Look For in Fencing Contractors

There are a series of factors to take into consideration to ensure you get the best fencing services in Westchester. These include:

Skills, Experience, and Ethics

These three are important when looking for the right fencing contractor. The first two ensure that the fences are installed properly on your property. Meanwhile, the third ensures you enjoy a great customer experience. So ask pointed questions that will help you get a glimpse of their skills and experience. And observe how they interact with you and other clients.

Permits and Licenses

A lot of homeowners try to cut costs by hiring unlicensed fencing providers. Don’t follow their example. By choosing a licensed contractor, you’ll enjoy quality fence installments and avoid legal issues at the same time.Furthermore, licensed professionals will be able to get you fencing and building permits. You need these papers from your local planning department before having the fences installed. Otherwise, you’ll end up in legal trouble (not to mention the hefty fines you’ll have to pay).


The best fencing contractors not only provide warranty for the materials, but for their labor as well. From fence design and installation to repairs, these warranties must be comprehensive enough to cover most issues you’ll encounter.


Then you need to check the contractor’s reputation. Check out their previous projects if you can. As mentioned in the other article, look for three things: great workmanship, quality fencing materials, and similarity to your own project. Again, if the projects come with these three, then you should definitely hire the fencing service provider.Aside from these, you also need to read the reviews and testimonials made by former clients. If these are non-existent or mostly negative, then you might be better off choosing a different fence installment provider.

Red Flags to Watch Out For in Fencing Contractors

With demand for quality fencing services in Westchester at an all time high, it can be quite challenging to find the best contractor. Aside from choosing the right one from legitimate fencing installers, you also need to watch out for scammers and subpar companies. To help you out, below are a couple of red flags to look out for.

Low Price

It’s tempting to go for contractors that offer fencing services for cheap prices. But if you really want your property to enjoy premium fences, then you need to avoid these so-called professionals like the plague. Aside from the subpar fences you might end up with, these cheap contractors might ask you for additional fees for this and that service or product.

Poor Customer Service

You should also not do business with fencing companies with poor customer service. These contractors only care about making a quick buck, and they won’t be able to make sure your project gets done on time. So before hiring a fence installer, observe how polite and punctual they are first. These will help you gauge how good their customer services are.

No Business Address

As mentioned above, legitimate commercial fencing service providers must have a business address. If the one you’re considering doesn’t have one, then best hire someone else. Of course, some contractors work on a freelance basis, and their business address is the same as their home address. If that’s the case, then better check their licenses and qualifications instead.

Bad Reviews

Lastly, check the reviews and testimonials on their website. Again, if they’re non-existent or mostly negative, then best find someone else. If they don’t have a website, then talk to previous clients instead (if you can find them). That way, you’ll have first-hand testimony on your candidate’s services and work ethics.

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