The Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Fence Colors

colored vinyl fences

“To paint or not to paint?” That is the question— typically asked by every homeowner at one point or another. Unless your house has colored vinyl fences, you can probably relate, too. Anyway, there are several reasons why you need to paint your fences every once in a while. But regardless of the why, you…

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Wooden Fences More Pest-Proof: 10 Easy Maintenance Tips

Wooden Fences More Pest-Proof

As a homeowner, you need to do everything you can to keep your wooden fences more pest-proof and in tiptop condition. Whether your property is sporting a wood fence with lattice or more rustic split rail ones, you have to make sure they stay clean, functional, and free from any pests. Below, we have a…

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Split Rail Vs Doweled: Which Fence Suits You Better?

Westchester wooden gates and fences

In a previous piece, we compared aluminum and steel fences to see which one would make the better metal fence. Now let’s talk about two options that can give you breathtaking Westchester wooden gates and fences. Split rail and doweled fences are two of the fencing options currently available at USFence. While both are better…

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Vinyl vs. Aluminum Fence: Which is the Better Choice?

Know more about the pros and cons and key comparison points of a vinyl vs. aluminum fence

When it comes to fencing, wood is widely-accepted as the traditional option for the material. Recently, plenty of new and more modern alternatives, such as vinyl and aluminum, have since emerged. They have been found to provide all the benefits wood provides without the usual downsides. But which of the two materials is the better…

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Westchester Wooden Fences: Wood Fence Materials and Styles to Consider

Westchester Wooden Fences

As early as prehistoric times, wooden fences have already been an essential part of most homes for the privacy and security they provide. It’s widely believed that the term fence originated in the 14th century from the Old French term defens, which translates to “an act of defending.”  At present, the practical uses of wooden…

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Aluminum VS Steel: Which Metal Offers the Better Fence?

better fence

When it comes to metal fencing, you only have two options regarding materials: aluminum or steel. A lot of fencing services in Westchester recommend going for steel fencing, arguing that its benefits far outweigh those offered by its aluminum counterpart. However, keep in mind that aluminum has a couple of strong points steel can never…

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Square Lattice Fence: Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Fence for 2022

Square Lattice Fence

Your fencing is arguably the most noticeable part of your home’s landscape. Properly maintained, it will help you make a good impression on neighbors and passers-by alike. So whether your house sports a square lattice fence or an ornamental iron one, it’s highly recommended that you prep it up at the beginning of 2022. That…

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