Cedar Fence

Cedar Fence

cedar fence

Cedar Fencing Description

A cedar fence is a fantastic addition to your backyard, home, or garden. Considering its durability, the inherent oils in cedar make the wood naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks while prolonging your fence’s lifespan without relying on chemical treatments.Cedar is one of the most stable woods around. It will remain straight and won’t warp that much over its lifetime. It’s no surprise that cedar fences are among the most popular fence types we install and repair.

Why Cedar?


Most cedars are pitch and resin-free, Therefore, making them ideal for a wide variety of beautiful finishes, including traditional solid colors, natural semi-transparents, elegant dark stains, and chic bleaches.


Natural wood outperforms synthetic materials in every way when it comes to environmental performance. While other building supplies emit greenhouse gases into the environment, cedar absorbs them. Cedarwood, unlike brick, cement, and composites, is a renewable and biodegradable resource.


There’s no substitute for the natural beauty of cedar. Its tonal features are decisively crisp yet rich. It’s ideal for creating beautiful outdoor sanctuaries, enhancing conventional home decor, provoking cutting-edge architecture, and inspiring unique interiors.Whether you’re after a privacy fence, a fence that’ll keep your children and pets safe, or a 3-rail cement fence, US Fence can offer you options for your one-of-a-kind fencing needs.