Fence Repairs in Westchester: Top Signs That Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Fence

The right type of fencing can always be counted upon for your privacy, security, and added value to your home. However, as we all know, nothing lasts forever. There will come a time when you’ll need the services of skilled professionals to furnish a new fence for your property.

Whether from wear and tear or accidental damage, performing fence repairs in Westchester won’t do the trick on occasion. In this article, we’re going to enumerate some of the top signs that tell you it’s high time to replace your current fence.

There are visible holes in your fence

Have the boards on your fence started to be lined up with holes that look a bit like polka dots? Animals most likely cause such holes, specifically insects, that gnaw and bite chunks out of your fence. Whether it’s termites or mice, you may have more pressing issues on your hands than just fence replacement. Seek the help of an exterminator to inspect your property thoroughly. You need to determine for sure what’s causing the holes in your fence. Once you’ve taken care of that problem, you can proceed with replacing your fence. It’ll be a bad idea to replace it before you’ve gotten rid of pests, not to mention a clear waste of money. Said pests will just return and sabotage your new investment in no time.

Your fence is starting to lean over

Whenever they start to fall or lean over, you’ll spend considerable time trying to keep your fences standing back up. This solution isn’t only inconvenient to do regularly but can also be hazardous to anyone’s health. Leaning fences signify more serious underlying issues, which can ultimately end up in your fence collapsing completely. If yours is leaning, it could be a telltale sign of weak fence posts. Warped or broken boards can also be one of the main causes.In any case, replacing your entire fence instead of attempting to repair it will help you save substantial amounts of both time and money.

The wood is already splintered

Once this scenario happens, it’s frequently mistaken as an aesthetic issue. However, if your wood fence panels are splintering, you can count on them to crack eventually. The wood will then crumble until your fence breaks apart. It may not look much, and you may downplay it as a mere aesthetic concern that you can just paint over, but you should think things through. This seemingly minor problem is actually a symptom of a larger one. Splintering is typically coupled with cracking in the wood. If you observe both on your fence, it’s an indication that the wood is about to fall apart, and your fence will collapse real soon. For this reason, you need to get a hold of a fence company as soon as you notice splintering and cracking. That way, you can have a newer and safer fence system in place as soon as possible. 

Your fence is missing more than a few boards

Over time, your fence’s boards will start to get loose and eventually fall off. While the fence may still be standing right now, its structure is probably compromised already, and thus can unceremoniously collapse any second. Such a scenario isn’t ideal and outright dangerous, especially if you have children or pets that frequent your yard. Plus, it takes the focus of people away from the appeal of your backyard. Weather-related events, a tree falling off and breaking your fence, and other accidents, such as brushes with the weed trimmer, may also inflict damage to your boards.  These instances usually entail a  fence replacement since repairs won’t be enough to cover the extent of the damage. Remember, any fence that doesn’t appear to be safe isn’t worth the risk.  The best course of action you can take is to get a new fence to keep your family safe and secure.

Your fence is already rotting

If your property is situated in an area where it rains frequently, yellow or gray stains on your fence can be a common sight. Both colors can indicate that your fence is deteriorating, and mold is likely growing on it too. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do when this happens other than replace your entire fence.To keep this situation from happening again, you might want to consider other fence materials (treated timber, for instance). Other fence types may cost more upfront, but you will end up saving money in the long run since you won’t have to repair or replace your fence as much.

Your steel fence has rust marks all over

Steel fences are undoubtedly gorgeous but can also be very inconsistent. Modern-day steel fences are coated with specific materials to keep them from rusting, but an annual inspection for rust spots is still recommended. Rust spots must be sanded to eliminate rust and then coated with rust-resistant paint after the inspections. Ignoring these rust patches will only make them worse. Rust eats away at the metal over time, causing your fence to fall apart. Corrosion is most common where two pieces of metal have been soldered together. If you let rust build up and get out of hand, your fence will begin to fall apart at the seams almost at once. Up to a certain amount,  you can say that rust is inevitable and can be remedied on the spot. On the other hand, extensive amounts indicate that it’s time for you to get a new fence. Even when the rust is treated on the spot, the resulting joint is usually less reliable than the original. Too many repairs can also make your fence appear off-colored. Usually, steel fences last for an extended period, but they aren’t indestructible. Once your fence shows signs of rusting all over, it’s time to give in and install a new one.

Repairing vs. Replacing

If the damage is limited to a small area of your fence, perhaps it’s still possible to revive the fence by just replacing a few of the impacted boards and posts. While this may appear to be a more economical alternative to replacement, it’s crucial to consider and identify your long-term costs. Problems due to age and everyday wear and tear will keep affecting the remaining boards. In more than a few circumstances, you end up incurring additional expenses to repair multiple portions over and over compared to simply replacing the entire fence in the first place.

The best bet for your fence repairs in Westchester

Are you observing any of the signs we mentioned here in your current fence, or notice holes and missing boards but aren’t sure if you need a replacement fence installed? Get in touch with our expert team so we can evaluate your fencing situation and, if necessary, present you with various cost-effective fence replacement solutions to choose from. Call USFence today!