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Looking for the best fence company in Yonkers, New York? Choose USFence! With our great eye for artistry and quality, we offer fencing solutions for every residential and commercial needs.At USFence, we strive to provide the best fencing solutions to our clients. We have several amazing fence products to choose from, from practical vinyl fences to ornate wrought iron ones. We also offer full transparency to potential customers. If you want free consultations and accurate accurate quotations, then phone us anytime. We’ll be happy to lend you any assistance free of charge.To top it off, USFence is continually evolving. Our team relies on the latest tools and tech alongside the finest fence materials. This allows us to get any fencing project done in a timely and professional manner.

Why Choose USFence?

Situated along the Hudson River, Yonkers is the third most populous city in New York State. WIth a total population of 211,569 (as of 2020), it’s one of the most densely populated inner suburbs of New York City.

Yonkers is home to several attractions, most notably the Tibbetts Brook Park, Hudson River Museum, and Sherwood House. Many shopping centers also litter the city’s streets, including one at Getty Square, Central Park Avenue, and Westchester’s Ridge Hill. And with Park, Nodine, Ridge, Cross, Locust, Glen, and Church Hills located within the city, Yonkers is referred to as the “City of Seven Hills” by many.

In short, settling in Yonkers entitles you to a vibrant and exciting life.


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  • By choosing USFence, we can make sure your home is secured, private, and most importantly beautified. With our fences built on quality and artistry, we guarantee that your house will be the highlight of your neighborhood!