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Fences play myriad roles in any property. One prominent role is security – fences can deter intruders like wild animals, and the odd human being every now and then. In some cases, wooden fences can also prevent soil erosion. They actually make the soil much stronger! Of course, you can only make the most out of these features by hiring the best fencing company in Westchester County – US Fence!

Why Is US Fence The Best Among the Rest?

US Fence is the leading fence builder in the entire Westchester County, covering multiple service areas including Pleasantville. We take pride in the professionalism and the proven skill of our builders, and in the quality of our customer service.

Here at US Fence, we understand that budget plays a huge role in your decisions to build a fence network around your property. We also understand that, despite limited resources, you still want to ensure the best quality possible for your project.

US Fence is a true expert at balancing resources and quality. You can expect nothing but the sturdiest and most durable fence if you work with us on your project.

You are in full control of your project, and US Fence merely implements all that you decide. Drawing on our extensive experience in working with clients with varying budgets, design concerns, and property limitations, we’ll give you actionable recommendations to ensure that we come up with the fence that addresses all of your needs.

We make sure to have our clients onboard in every step of the process. You can, and you should, feel free to assert your ideas or your thoughts regarding the design and the materials all throughout the process.

Your Reliable Partner in Your Fencing Needs

Working with US Fence means that you’re able to cut costs on the project but not on the quality of the fence. Fences need to last as long as they can, but we’ll give you the peace of mind that our fences will last as long as a lifetime.


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