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Every property owner must invest in the safety and security of their house, apartment, or commercial building. Aside from modern devices like closed-circuit television cameras and burglar alarms, putting money into fence construction is also a must. After all, the fence is the oldest structure for security that our ancestors have passed down to us after thousands of years.

Fences also play a big role in your property’s aesthetics. By improving the look of your surroundings, fences also add to the monetary value of your property. If you decide to sell the property, you can fetch a higher resale price than you would if there are improvements done to it.

Of course, all of these are only possible if you build a really good fence. Don’t leave the quality of your fencing to chance; instead, you should hire the services of a proven expert in fence construction in Somers like US Fence.

Why Hire US Fence as a Fence Company in Somers?

US Fence pledges a commitment to quality construction and customer satisfaction. We take pride in the extensive experience accumulated by each member of the team. Each member has years of experience in building fences out of various materials and according to varying specifications. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure that US Fence can build a fence worthy of your investment.You don’t have to worry so much about quality even with a limited budget. Here at US Fence, we take pride in sourcing only high-quality materials for every project we undertake. We do not sacrifice quality, for we know where to source affordable yet durable materials for our clients. With US Fence at your side, you can get more value out of your budget.Fence construction is as industrial as it is artistic. We’ve had lots of experience building fences for very creative clients who were understandably protective of their creation. Our builders are very receptive to feedback and are more than happy to provide suggestions to improve your existing design. We can suggest better materials and styles to maximize your budget.


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  • We at US Fence always strive to make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our work. That’s why we are one of the leading fence buildings companies not only in Somers but in the entire Westchester county area.