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Every client wants the highest quality from their builders when they commission them to construct a fence. However, more often than not, they are severely limited by finances. Most people think that they have to spend a huge amount of money to build anything of excellent quality. The truth is – they can always guarantee the highest caliber of workmanship of anything even with their budget constraints.

There’s no need to break the bank to build the best fence around your property. With a reputable fence builder like US Fence at your side, you can be sure that the fence that you erect around your house, apartment, or commercial building is not only something that you’ll be proud of but also one that can last as long as it should.

Why You Should Trust UF Fence as Your Fence Company in Tarrytown?

Professionalism is the biggest reason why US Fence is the best fence company in Tarrytown. We treat every customer with the utmost respect, and we always keep to our commitment to excellent customer service for every client we serve. Every project is given the careful attention and skill of every member of our team. We give our hundred percent for every client that gives us their trust.
US Fence guarantees the highest quality you could get out of your limited budget. Our sources give us access to excellent quality materials that are relatively inexpensive. US Fence is also committed to using only high-caliber materials for each and every one of our projects. We don’t use substandard materials just to help clients fit their budgets.As part of that commitment, we’ve employed a team of builders with years of experience in this industry in between them. They bring the highest grade of craftsmanship into your fence project. You can and should expect only excellence from the construction, the painting, and until the installation of the fence.Do you have a fence design in mind? Feel free to show that to our builders. Their extensive experience enables them to give you the advice to improve the design even further. In some cases, they’re even able to build the design using better materials than what the client intended and still keep within their budget constraints.


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  • US Fence is the name you can trust for fence building not only in Tarrytown but in the entire Westchester County as well. For us, quality and customer service are priorities, not options.