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Since the days of our ancestors, fences have proven to be reliable in producing borders in between houses as well as protecting families from intruders. While technology has certainly progressed significantly over the centuries, the fence remains the basic form of security for any property. It has also evolved beyond its practical use and has acquired aesthetic purposes as well.

Humankind has progressed well beyond the rudimentary technologies that built the fences of our ancestors. We can now build fences out of other materials like glass, marble, granite, concrete, and even steel. Building fences could be very mind-boggling for property owners, and that’s where the experts come in. If you plan to build a fence around your house or your apartment building, US Fence is the name you can call on.

Why US Fence?

US Fence has built a reputation of excellent customer service coupled with unparalleled craftsmanship not only in Thornwood but throughout the entire Westchester County area as well. Tapping us as your fence company in Thornwood puts you in direct access to the skills and the professionalism that has endeared our company to our many satisfied clients.With US Fence at the helm of your fencing project, you gain access to the skills of every member of our team. Each of these professionals has accumulated years of experience working in the industry. Our team members have experience working with various clients, each of whom has differing concerns and budget constraints. Through this experience, US Fence knows how to create a balance between quality and budget.Most people think that building a very durable fence needs to be very expensive. With US Fence at your side, you gain access to high-quality materials that do not actually cost an arm or a leg. No matter what your budget is, we can guarantee the quality of the final product. It is our commitment. We do not use anything that’s below the standard of quality for any of our projects.Most importantly, we value customer satisfaction above anything else. We strive to serve every client the best way that we can. That includes getting our client on board at every phase of the project. We are more than happy to listen to any concerns our customers may have concerning their fences. We’re also more than ready to make suggestions on how these concerns could be addressed while still ensuring quality that does not break the bank.


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