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Fencing is crucial in keeping a property safe. In these modern times, fencing also adds to the visual appeal of any piece of real estate. This means that no property owner could go wrong in deciding to build a fence around their house or commercial property. Many benefits could be reaped from such a decision.

To fully realize those benefits, real estate owners should always take care to hire only the best fencing company that they can find. The quality of the fencing is central to its longevity, and your satisfaction. Only a reliable expert can build a fence that lasts a long time against wear and tear. In Verplanck, the expert you can trust is US Fence.

Why US Fence is Your Fence Company in Verplanck

If you want quality, US Fence is the company you go to. Our team is made of highly experienced builders with years of experience in the industry between them. Each one can build a fence up to standard or even beyond, and with strict adherence to specifications. Whatever your needs, our team of builders can address those or even surpass your expectations.One thing we are proud of is our commitment to quality. We don’t use substandard materials nor do we slack off in every building project that we undertake. We have a network of suppliers that provides us with the highest quality of materials that we use in every project. The best thing is, these materials are relatively inexpensive. That’s one more attribute for which US Fence is known for in Verplanck – we know how to help our clients save money on total costs.That gives our clients one more benefit – maximizing their budgets. Our access to affordable and quality materials allows us to suggest better materials for clients while still keeping within their capabilities to spend. What they get in return is a fence of an impressive caliber but does not break their banks.Last but not the least, we always keep our clients onboard every step of the process. You retain control over all aspects of the construction.


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  • Our team is there to help you realize your vision, and you’re always welcome to give your feedback. Our only goal is to make sure that you, our client, are happy.