Ornamental Fence Garden: Top Garden Fence Ideas to Consider in 2022

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when giving your garden a makeover, but ornamental fence garden ideas can go a long way toward giving, not just your garden, but your entire yard, a fresh new look. 

Whether it’s just a fresh coat of paint or completely replacing your old fence, we have plenty of ideas to get you started. 

Here are our top garden fence ideas you’d want to consider in 2022: 

Top 10 Garden Fence Ideas 

Go for a Slatted Design to Achieve a Contemporary Backdrop

Many conventional garden fences are made up of uprights, but if you want a more modern touch, go with a design that emphasizes horizontal lines.

Not only will it provide your plot a fresh look, but it will also create the sense of a broader or longer space as it draws the eye along the horizontals. It’s one of the must-try approaches if you’re searching for ideas to apply to your mini garden.

This fence idea also serves as a stunning backdrop for a modern seating area. You’ll love how it will complement the cool gray walls of your property and nearby garden. Hang festoons to create a more welcoming vibe at sunset.

Add Layers to your Fence Using a Decorative Screen

If your existing fence starts to get dull and needs a little sprucing up, but you don’t want to break out the paints to give it a makeover, layering it up with a decorative screen is a terrific, less time-consuming alternative.

Weathering steel panels are currently a trend. They add a warm, rusted patina to the scene and are the perfect complement to your black planter, architectural flowers, and foliage. You just need to add one or two panels to create a trendy focal point for a patio and instantly enhance even the most plain-looking fences. 

Get Creative with Different Shades of Paint 

Utilize that fence to create a one-of-a-kind garden. Go for a  design painted in colorful shades that will brighten the mood of everyone. While everyone dreams of having a white picket fence, why not go for something a little more daring? Paint your fence in pastel hues for a prettier, less garish appearance.

Try a Fence with Cutout Panels 

Waiting for plants to grow into your fence can take time, but incorporating an organic pattern into the structure creates an instant yet durable feature.

You can design this type of fence as a boundary between the neighboring property or to separate different areas of your garden. The decorative panels will allow a glimpse of what lies beyond the fence while maintaining privacy.

Go for Darker Shades to Create Intimacy 

If you intend to use your garden or a specific portion of it to entertain guests, especially at night, why not apply a darker hue to your garden fence? It’ll contribute to a more cozy and far more intimate vibe, identical to the snuggly feel inside your home.

However, apply a lighter finish to your garden furniture for them to stand out against your darker backdrop.

Create a Playful Statement Using Two-Tone Panels

Use two-tone panels to inspire a striking and distinctive effect for your fence. Keep the darker color at the bottom to draw attention to your brightly-colored furnishings and floral displays. A bit of masking tape ought to do the trick to establish a clear division between tones. 

Add Curves to the Upper Portion of your Garden Fence

Consider incorporating different lines into your fencing. In particular, a curved finish gives a softer look than a design that’s straight across the top and is better suited to help you achieve a country-style garden.

One particular design you’d like to consider is a fence made from FSC-certified wood with a lattice finish to let in a little more light through the top.

Build a Fence Using Recycled Shutters

Repurposing old shutters allows you to build an innovative garden fence that is also eco-friendly. Start by applying a coat of paint to the shutters. Gray makes for a great backdrop since it matches effortlessly with everything. You may also opt for white for a fab look, especially when your fence becomes rougher and appear less pristine. Finally, hooks can be added to your shutter fence to help exhibit your lovely potted plants. We recommend buckets for their handles that make them easy to hang. 

Utilize Tall Reed Screens for Added Privacy

If you find the separation between you and your neighbor to be scarce, reed screening is a low-cost fence idea that can offer the privacy you need in no time. You can also tie or staple it to fence uprights or utilize it as a cover for chain link fencing. 

It can also be a terrific solution for patios that receive too much direct sunlight by providing much-needed shade. 

Mix and Match Fence Materials to Achieve a Unique Look

To achieve that one-of-a-kind twist on your garden fence, combine different materials, such as stone and wood, in a Jenga-style arrangement. It’s usually being done not just for aesthetic purposes but also for practical reasons. 

Stone is known to withstand being soaked in rain showers far better than wood. This type of garden fence emphasizes high-quality natural materials that have their own inherent charm.

Key Takeaway

The sole purpose of fences is no longer just to secure your perimeter and mark boundaries. Nowadays, they can make or break your property’s curb appeal. 

Fence walls are now commonly used as edging to frame your garden, as the highlight of your landscape design, or as the focal point of your frontage. 

For this reason, it’s critical to select the right one among many choices of ornamental fence garden ideas and designs. Ultimately, the best fence is the one that will complement your style and property’s surroundings while also providing the most cost-effective yet long-lasting solution to your fencing needs.