Split Rail And Doweled Fence

Split Rail and Doweled Fence


Split Rail and Doweled Fencing Description

Split rail fencing is the perfect type of fence if you want to protect your property while complementing your natural landscape. Many clients based in urban areas are now looking to have that rustic-style fence around their homes. It doesn’t come as a surprise since the quality and distinct design of a split-rail fence makes for an excellent boundary in your garden, backyard, and other outdoor areas of your house.

Meanwhile, Doweled Fences are made from high-quality treated pine rounds that fit together through a doweled end that’s fitted into a mitered socket. Undoubtedly, Doweled Fences make for a durable and attractive improvement to your property.Here at USFence, the material we use is manufactured from pine logs that are treated to prevent rot and decay. Much like split-rail, doweled fences provide style without the high cost associated with other fencing options.Get in touch with us today to get your fencing project started.