Westchester Fencing Cost: How Much Does a Fence Installation Cost in 2022?

Are you looking to build a fence in your yard this year? Several factors contribute to the costs involved in constructing a fence. For instance, you may be considering a full privacy enclosure without any spaces between the boards. Alternatively, you may be looking into a semi-private fence with a bit of spacing that allows visual access to your property.  

Here’s our guide to Westchester fencing costs in 2022: 

Fence Installation Cost

Fence installation costs between $13 and $25 per linear foot on average, with most homeowners spending between $1,580 and $3,418 depending on the fencing materials chosen. A standard privacy fence costs around $2,711 to install, with materials accounting for roughly 70% of the entire cost.

Fence Installation Cost

Average Range$1,580 to $3,418
Minimum Cost$815
Maximum Cost$7,500
National Average$2,711

Privacy Fence Cost 

The average cost of a 150-foot privacy fence is $2,750, with prices ranging from $1,500 to $8,250. It will cost you between $10 and $55 per linear foot. Materials will cost between $750 and $6,000, while labor will cost between $750 and $2,250.

Privacy Fence Installation Costs per Foot 

Type Cost per Linear Foot
Wood$10 – $30

Wood and vinyl are two of the most affordable and long-lasting choices. Both materials are available in various styles that are useful in different climates and places. Consult a landscaping designer in your region to determine the best style and material for your designated space.

Pickets/PlanksRedwood: $10 – $14Treated Pine: $2 – $3Cedar: $2 – $8Only panels
Concrete for Post Bases$0.10 – $0.50 / pound$0.10 – $0.50 / pound
Top/Bottom RailsMetal/Wood: $40 – $50Wood: $10 each$20 – $150
Panels 6ft x 8ft$40 – $150$100 – $500
Post Caps$5 – $30$5 – $50
Walk through gate$150 – $250$200 – $400

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences range from $1,000 to $4,500 per 150 linear feet.

You may also try a combination of metal and wood at 4 to 5 times the price for a high-end wood effect. This combination uses aluminum or wrought iron for the posts and rails and wood pickets for privacy. The majority of this type of privacy fence uses wood as the primary material.

Note: Keep in mind that retail prices fluctuate with the market price of raw lumber. Use these estimates only as a reference. Confirm current pricing with your local lumberyard or a specialist.

Vinyl/Composite Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences cost between $3,000 and $6,000 every 150 linear feet. They are less complicated to install than wood but have a higher material cost. High-end variations feature decorative components, colors, and textures that replicate the look of wood.

Aluminum Privacy Fences

Aluminum privacy fences range in price from $30 to $40 per linear foot, while other types of aluminum aren’t as expensive. Installation costs an additional $5 to $15 per linear foot, and powder coating prices range from $2 to $5 per square foot. Many of these aluminum varieties are already pre-coated.

Labor Costs and Other Considerations for Privacy Fence Installations 

Labor costs for privacy fences will vary depending on the materials you choose, preparations needed for the site, and the location of your property. Most fence companies already combine labor and materials into a single project price.

Some of the costs you need to take note of include: 

  • Professional labor: $30-$70 per hour, or roughly $35 on average
  • Average Time of Completion: 23 hours
  • Removal of old fencing: $3-$5 per linear foot

Fence Cost per Type 

There are various types of fences to choose from, with average prices ranging from $13 to $50 per linear foot. Materials alone for a 150-foot fence will cost between $1,200 and $7,500, with labor costs ranging between $750 and $2,250.

The labor expenses to install a fence range from $5 to $15 per linear foot, depending on the fence material you’ll choose. Labor costs will account for 30 to 50 percent of the final cost of a typical wood fence. Typically, professional fence builders will take about 15 hours to install 100 linear feet of fence.

Vinyl Fence Cost 

On average, a vinyl fence installation costs between $25 and $36 per linear foot, with homeowners spending between $3,750 and $5,400 for a 150-foot fence. Vinyl is environmentally friendly, requires little upkeep, is exceptionally durable, and is available in a wide range of colors. It may seem like a disadvantage that vinyl fencing costs a lot upfront, but it pays for itself in the long run with a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

Chain-link fence installations vary between $9 and $30 per linear foot, with most installations costing between $1,350 and $3,900 on average. Chain-link fencing is available in heights ranging from 3′ to 12′ and is made of galvanized steel or black vinyl-coated steel. A black vinyl-coated chain-link fence costs $10 to $34 per foot or 10% more than galvanized steel.

Wood Fence Cost 

For a typical 150-foot privacy fence, wood fence installation costs between $10 and $30 per linear foot. On average, a wood picket fence costs between $1,711 and $4,100, with most homeowners spending around $2,755 to install around their home. The cost of a wooden fence depends on the type of wood used, the size of the fence, the design, layout, and associated labor costs.

Wood Fence Pricing

Type of WoodCost per Linear Foot
Pine$3 – $7
Spruce $4 – $6
Redwood$4 – $7 or $17.50 per piece
Cedar$4 – $8
Tropical Hardwoods $6 – $15

Pressure-treated pine fences are the least expensive. They cost from $3 to $7 per linear foot, while other wood varieties cost between $4 to $15 per linear foot for just the materials. Keep in mind that the cheaper the lumber, the less structural integrity it will provide and the less likely it will withstand decay and deterioration.

Split Rail Fence Cost 

A split-rail fence normally costs between $15 and $25 per linear foot or $1,500 to $2,500 for every 100 feet of fencing. The number of rails used will significantly impact the total cost. Expect to spend an extra $1 to $4 per linear foot for each rail. Split rail fencing has traditionally been made of wood and is commonly found on farms and ranches, but PVC is gaining popularity owing to its durability and low-maintenance requirements.

Aluminum Fence Cost

Installing a 150-foot aluminum fence costs the average homeowner about $4,500, with prices ranging from $25 to $90 per linear foot. Due to their higher cost, aluminum and metal fencing are less common than wood and vinyl fences. However, aluminum gets the upper hand since it requires little upkeep and has a long lifespan. 

Wrought Iron Fence Cost 

A 150-foot wrought iron fence costs $30 to $100 per linear foot, with prices ranging from $4,500 to $7,500. On average, materials account for 75% of the total cost. Wrought iron fencing can be customized for $300 per linear foot, used to enclose pools, or used with brick columns to achieve a luxurious appearance. Regardless of how strong an iron fence is, it will require maintenance, such as sanding and repainting every 24 to 36 months, to prevent corrosion due to rust.

PVC and Composite Fence Pricing

On average, PVC or composite fences cost $22 to $33 per linear foot, with most property owners spending $3,750 for a 150-foot fence. PVC is manufactured in 6′ wide panels, and vinyl posts are affixed in concrete holes 3′ deep. Materials, fasteners, post concrete, and connectors are all needed to build PVC fencing. Some of the advantages of using PVC are: 

  • It doesn’t rot or decay
  • It isn’t damaged by insects
  • doesn’t harbor growth of mold or mildew
  • It doesn’t need to be repainted periodically 

Most professionally placed PVC fences last for at least 15 years.

Steel and Metal Fence Cost

On average, corrugated metal and steel fences cost between $30 to $50 per linear foot. Homeowners typically spend between $4,500 and $7,500 on materials and professional installation for a standard 150-foot metal fence. Steel is incredibly robust and effortless to maintain. On the other hand, metal is costly and will eventually scratch and corrode over time.

Average Cost to Construct a New Fence

Before you get your fencing project underway, you’ll need a clear and detailed estimate. There are five important factors that can affect Westchester fencing costs:

  • Parts – typically range between $5-$25 per linear foot. You can either acquire some of them on your own or let the fence company get them for you and be charged afterward. While they will apply a markup fee, companies also receive discounts that will make the final cost more affordable for you.  Among the fence-type options, chain-link is notably affordable, vinyl costs more than wood or chain-link, and aluminum and wrought iron are the most expensive materials.
  • Labor – ranges between $30-$70 per hour. Both labor and materials are included in the project price and per linear foot charges.
  • Building Permits – cost from $400 to $800. It’s best to check with your local municipality to see if you need to secure one. 
  • Lawn Regrading – costs from $900 to $3,000. Expect more fees if the ground is sloped since installation becomes more complex and time-consuming.
  • Utilities Dig Line – To avoid hitting subsurface pipelines or wires, always call 811 before digging. Failure to call could result in costly utility repairs on the part of the homeowner.

Fence Replacement Cost 

The average cost of replacing an existing fence is the same as installing a new one, which is $12 to $25 per linear foot. This rate doesn’t include the extra $3 to $5 cost per linear foot for removing your current fence. Fence installation costs are estimated based on the length of your fence, its height, the number of posts, and the fencing materials used. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cedar fence cost? 

A cedar wood fence costs $4 to $8 per linear foot for the materials alone and an additional $5 to $10 per linear foot for professional installation. In total, you’ll spend between $1,800 and $2,700 for a 150-foot-long cedar fence that is expected to last between 16 and 20 years.

How much does installing a fence in a ¼ acre yard cost?

Installing a fence in a 14-acre yard will require approximately 200 feet of fencing and cost between $2,600 and $5,000 in labor and materials. Your pricing depends primarily on the materials you’ll choose. 

What is the most affordable fence material to install?

Chain link fences are the most affordable residential fencing material. They range from $1,100 to $2,800 in total cost, comparable to wood in terms of material affordability at $5 to $15 per linear foot. Meanwhile, vinyl offers the lowest labor rate for installation at around $7 per linear foot. 

How do I calculate how much fencing I need? 

  • Determine any code restrictions, such as height, post spacing, and so on.
  • Identify your property lines, utility lines, and the location of the fence.
  • Calculate the distance between the fence and your property.
  • Divide that measurement by the post spacing, then add two to get the This is the number of posts you’ll require.
  • In the case of rails, multiply the measurement by two or three.
  • For wood, divide the total length by the width of your pickets. Simply add up the number of panels you’ll need for vinyl. 

How long does it take to put up a fence?

A fence installation by professional builders takes between 20 and 35 hours, while a DIY project may take twice as long.

DIY or Hire a Pro? 

Installing a fence on your own isn’t without complications. While you will save on labor costs by not hiring a professional, you’ll have to build the fence on your own time. Keep in mind that most fence installers work in teams, which helps speed up the process. If it’s just you and a couple of friends, you could be in for long hours of hard work. 

Aside from the materials, which cost $8 to $15 for every linear foot, prepare to spend an entire week installing your fence. You’ll also need to pay a one-time fee of $200 to $500 for equipment, including a drill, hammer, saw, auger, a post hole digger, and measuring tape.

When you hire a professional, they can complete the task in half the time and cost $5 to $15 per linear foot. Labor will cost between $750 to $2,250 for a 150-foot fence.

It’s worth noting that professional installation may cost the same or less if you don’t already own the required equipment and tools.

Remember, professionals provide warranties for their work. Any DIY mistake you commit may cause your Westchester fencing costs to skyrocket.

Key Takeaways

A fence installation is a straightforward project best performed by professionals. When calculating the total linear feet of a perimeter, take precise measurements with the help of a land surveyor. Try not to inflate your costs by using fancy fencing materials. Also, consider the sustainability and upkeep when deciding what will work best with your house’s exterior.

Ideally, you should obtain estimates from multiple fence companies to compare Westchester fencing costs properly. Finally, the most affordable option isn’t necessarily the best one out there.

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