Westchester Fencing Services: How to Find the Right Fence Company Near Me

Undoubtedly, fences play a major role in providing much-needed privacy and security to any location. Aside from that, beautiful fences have a significant role in making any home look good, significantly boosting its aesthetic appeal. So, if you’ve been trying to figure out how to get the most suitable fences for your home, finding a company that provides the best Westchester fencing services becomes critical.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main factors to consider when hiring a local fence company and provide a few tips to ensure you’re making the most out of your fencing project. 

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Local Fence Company 

The key to finding the right fencing company for your project is to spend time and effort doing research. Here are the primary factors you need to consider when hiring a local fence company:  


Fencing is by no means as simple as it seems. How can you know if the local fence company you’ve just met offers the Westchester fencing services you need, let alone has any experience?

The first thing you need to do is look at the company’s portfolio. The portfolio should show you how many fencing projects they have handled and completed successfully.

One other idea is to look into their training certifications. The training courses that the fencing company has finished and the date of completion are shown in the said paperwork.

If you still have reservations at this point, you can also look at how the fence company has handled its previous projects. If they’re impressive, you can be confident that you’ll also get fantastic results.

You can even judge them based on how they respond to your queries and explain certain fencing concepts. Simply, if you’re not sold on the experience, don’t hire the fence company. It’s better to take your time until you know a well-experienced fencing company for your project.

Fencing Services Offered

Fencing designs and materials come in various types and styles. Chances are, you won’t be able to find a local fence company that provides all of these services. Therefore, you must verify the products and services they offer before hiring.

For instance, a particular fencing company may be best suited for Westchester fencing services that focus on repairs rather than new fence installations. Similarly, you may encounter companies that provide excellent wood fence installation but are unfamiliar with aluminum or vinyl fencing.

You may avoid such problems by discussing your requirements beforehand and searching for a company that provides the services you need.

Ideally, fencing professionals should be well-versed in the type of installation procedure required for the fence material of your choice. They should also provide you with sound advice regarding the type of fence you want.

Avoid small fencing companies that provide a long list of fencing services. Some may lack the necessary experience or materials to proceed with the fence installation or repair. You might end up with a mediocre fence that won’t last more than a few months.

Communication and Availability

Another important factor to consider when hiring a local fence company is communication. As the client, you have the right to know every detail concerning the fencing project. This requires the fencing company to be proficient in verbal and written communication.

They should satisfactorily address your concerns right at the onset and readily provide you with all relevant details regarding the project. The same is true for availability. The ideal local fence company should have easily accessible contact details, including its physical address, phone number, email, and so on. 

Licenses and other Certifications

To demonstrate their credibility, the right fence companies should have a number of certifications. The first is the fencing license obtained from the local government.

A fencing license indicates that the company has met all fencing personnel standards. Also, the local authorities recognize it as a legitimate provider of fence products and services. The license also shows that the builders and workers are knowledgeable about fencing types and processes.

The second type of certification is insurance, which protects you against risks. 

An insured fence company guarantees that you won’t face any financial constraints or worry if something goes wrong during the construction process.


What are other people saying about that local fence company? Before hiring, it’s always a good idea to look into a company’s reputation. If other customers have previously complained about that company or contractor, chances are you’ll encounter the same problems as well.

You can gather testimonials from family, relatives, friends, and neighbors. You can learn more about the fencing company by reading online reviews.

Google, Home Advisor, and other review platforms can also assist you in finding more relevant information about a particular company. As you read the reviews, pay attention to the complaints and how the service provider responds to the negative comments. 

You’ll feel more confident working with a fencing company that has a stellar reputation.

Costs Involved

What are the costs involved in hiring your local fence company? Before you even begin looking for the right company to hire for their Westchester fencing services, you should already have a specific budget in mind.

You may have noticed that fencing companies don’t charge the same fee. If you have the time, see to it that you obtain quotes from different fencing companies to make an informed comparison.

The ideal fencing company should be transparent and agree to provide a breakdown of the expenses to give you an idea of what you are paying for.

Another item to consider is the form of payment. You should be cautious of paying a vast amount before the project begins, especially if you just encountered the fencing company online. 

Make sure to hire only the company that you know for sure is legitimate and whose pricing is suitable for you.

Quick Tips When Hiring a Local Fence Company

Search Your Neighborhood

Professional fence companies frequently affix a badge onto recently-installed or repaired fences to advertise their work. You just need to take a walk or drive around your neighborhood, and if you find a branded fence you like, identify the builder. If there’s no badge and the fence is quite new, you might be able to ask the owner who they hired to build the fence.

Take Note of the Warranty

What type of warranty does the fence company provide? Is there an installation warranty and a product warranty from the manufacturer? If the company provides a warranty, does it cover only the labor or include the materials? Fences are expected to be long-term products. Therefore, their warranties should also be the same.

A warranty of at least three years is standard, while warranties of seven to nine years are also existent. But, you may not have any type of warranty if you opt to hire a handyman service.

As an added tip, make sure you know the type of maintenance your specific fencing product will require. Having this information once the job is completed will help prevent voiding the warranty while ensuring the longevity of your fence.

Obtain Multiple Estimates

As we mentioned, it helps to obtain multiple estimates in hiring a local fence company. It’s classic advice when hiring a company for any home construction or remodeling project. 

Multiple estimates provide you with a broader range of cost bids, making it easier to find the optimum cost-quality combination for your project.

This can seem to be a challenging task for busy homeowners. However, obtaining estimates for fence installation is considerably easier than acquiring estimates for specialized indoor work such as basement finishing, kitchen remodels, and tile work for showers and bathrooms.

Since fence installation is a fairly competitive industry, sales staff are usually flexible and willing to show up in no time. Also, because this is an exterior project, representatives from the company may even agree to visit your property and provide an estimate. In some cases, even while you aren’t there. 

While considering which company to hire, ask how long the estimate or quote provided is valid.

Ask the Right Questions

Finally, you should know the right questions to ask when dealing with a representative from the company offering their Westchester fencing services. These questions include: 

Contract and Payment

What are the contract and payment terms? Will the company furnish a written contract for your reference? When is the payment due exactly, and are there any installation fees? Is a deposit required? If yes, how much is it?


What is the company’s timetable for initiating and finishing your project? In the summer and springtime, fence companies often have backlogs, and it may take several weeks or more before they can get to you.


Will the fence company contact a utility locator on your behalf to identify any underground utility lines? Do you need to work on this instead?


Will the fence company acquire the necessary permits on your behalf? In certain areas, approval from a local government agency is required before you can start with the project. Upon completion, an inspector needs to visit and approve the work done to close out the permit.

Installation Details

What are the specifics of the installation? Will the poles be set in concrete, and if so, how deep? Make sure to discuss the dimensions and style of each fence panel for installation. Are the gates and other related hardware included in the quoted price? How will the company handle waste removal, cleanup, and so on?


What is the size of the crew, who are they, and what’s their schedule? Inquire whether they’ll hire subcontractors for any part of the project. This move can impact the timetable and quality of your fence installation. Finally, find out if the project will be overseen and managed by the company’s foreman or owner.


Discuss potential legal stumbling blocks such as easements and zoning. Reputable local fencing companies should be familiar with local zoning and setback restrictions that may affect the fence project.

Finally, don’t hesitate to inquire about possible references of satisfied clients you can contact to learn more about the fence company’s work. How the representative will respond to your ask can also tell a lot.


Finding the local fencing company that offers the best Westchester fencing services can take a significant amount of time and effort from your end. Settling for the first company you come across with isn’t only foolish but can also jeopardize the quality of your new fence.

If you’re looking for a reputable and experienced fencing company, contact us right away. We’re eager to let you know more about the fence installation and repair services we provide.